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Thule Geography
 Northern Greenland
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Information about the city and the villages in the municipality. E.g. a section about the Museum of Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.

The "City Council" at Thule Air Base takes care of the citizens interest towards Greenland Home Rule.
Thule Municipality
Greenland is divided into 18 municipalities and Thule (Avernersuaq) is one of these. Areawise it a large municipality (approx. 250.000 m²), but the inhabitants count only approx. 850 persons.

The municipality is administrated from the town of Qaanaaq, where approx. 650 of the inhabitants live. The rest live in the surrounding villages marked on the map to the right.

Furthermore a number of deserted settlements lies scattered around the area primarily used for staying overnight when hunting.

Thule Air Base (Pituffik) is administrationwise not a part of the municipality. It is "outside municipal classification" and has it's own city council called Borgerrådet (Citizens Council).

Let's take a closer look at the area around Pituffik...

Population 1999
Qaanaaq 649
Savissivik 83
Siorapaluk 61
Moriusaq 39
Qeqertat 23
Qeqertarsuak 2
I alt 857
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