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The Phillippines
16 December 2000
Rome, Italy
16 August 2000
Kayak Show
1 August 1999
Arctic Golfing
10 July 1999
Greenland Natl. Day
21 June 1999
The Ice Cap II
19 June 1999
Mount Dundas
23 May 1999
Bus Assault
20 May 1999

Arctic Golfing

The noise from the helicopter overwhelms me as we gently leave the ground. I got myself a seat right in front of a giant window and the view is amazing. Our trip is only a few minutes long, a smooth turn over the harbour heading for our destination, the top of Mount Dundas. Up here the the 25th Annual Mount Dundas Open Golf Tournament is held at the northernmost golf course in the world.

In the "chopper" we have golfclubs and golfballs, marking flags for the holes and refreshments for the golf players. Mette is supervising this arrangement and leads the troops, as we land and have to unload the equipment.

Shortly after the helicopter takes off and we start getting ready for the tournament starting in less than an hour. One team goes around the golf course to put up the flags that mark the holes. Another team checks the golfclubs, golfballs, scorecards, and carpets. As there is no fairways or greens on this golf course each player is given a little piece of carpet to place the golfball on, in order to get a better shot.

The clouds slowly moves away and the sun shines brightly. We enjoy a cup of coffee waiting for the first golf players to show up. To get up here they have to climb the mountain which usually make everyone short of breath. That is why we are ready with cold refreshments as the moaning and sweaty mountaineers show up.

First man on the top is Anders. After using half an hour to catch his breath he picks up a golf club and two golf balls and start of on hole 1. The course is filled with rocks that when hit make the ball fly in unpredictale directions. Therefore each player is given two golf balls in case they lose one during their round.

More and more people show up, some start of one the golf course others just sit and enjoy the nice weather and the spectacular view here from the top of Mount Dundas. In the afternoon we have time to try a few holes ourselves. The time goes quickly and we have to stop before getting all the way around. The equipment has to be ready when the helicopter comes to pick us up.

The flags are all being picked up and everything is stoved away behind a big pile of rocks to prevent it from blowing away when the "chopper" lands. We quickly load it into the helicopter, say goodbye to the last golfers heading down the mountainside, and then we take of. The pilot is making some huge turns around the mountain to give is longer trip. Great view...

Back at the base we thank the pilot. The equipment is taken home and yet another fabulous summer day at Thule is over.

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